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Fertility Products

3 Tier’s fertility products are designed using our proprietary formulation and blending process. Food grade nutrients are scientifically blended to create a low salt liquid formula that contains an all-new uniquely processed humic/fulvic acid combination called Carboxx. Carboxx provides a fully activated, 98% water soluble humic/fulvic acid that increases the plants ability to absorb nutrients through its unique delivery system. Carboxx also buffers against burning and restores natural soil conditions, providing the essential building blocks for a balanced growing environment while making all nutrients more available for cellular uptake compared to conventional liquid nutrients.

  • Microbe 3-10-8 aka Blue-Brown XL
  • Microbe 7-7-6 aka Blue-Gro XL
  • Root & Groom 3-16-15
  • Establish 5-16-12
  • Maintain 8-16-8
  • Bloom Boost 0-16-15
  • Growth 16-4-8
  • Nitro 21-0-0

pdf Microbial Products

Microbial Products

3 Tier Technologies Microbial Solutions are advanced microbial products that have two distinct advantages over other microbial products. The principal advantages our blend offers is diversity of composition and size. We have identified that the largest biological component in soil is single cell bacteria. For this reason we have carefully selected five specific Bacillus genuses while including multiple species of each to create a very diverse microbial package. We also discovered that the current competitive products often contain between 100 and 300 billion microbes per gallon. 3 Tier then created our microbial package to be concentrated with 757 billion colony forming units per gallon, a nearly six-fold increase! Not only do we have an initial size advantage, we also established another critical advantage through our all-natural, proprietary, sugar-based preservative package, allowing the microbes to awake easily when mixed with water. This non-chemical preservative process converts to a valuable food source for exponential growth of microbes once diluted. Our concentrated, specially-selected microbes are strong enough to correct chemical and microbial imbalances and regenerate soils to a healthy state.

  • Huma-Balance XL
  • Cal 86 Plus
  • Bio-Cat Booster


pdf Supplement Products

Supplement Products

Supplement Products

  • SA-1000
  • Huma-MnFe
  • Cal 86 6-0-0
  • Huma-Boost
  • Huma-Boost BC


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