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3Tier was founded in 2003 with breakthrough advances in humic acid production and the development of Carboxx, a revolutionary molecular transport system that delivers nutrients, supplements and beneficial microbes in quantities never before available. Today, we manufacture and distribute a new generation of products for Ag management. 3Tier responds to the needs of today’s farmers with agricultural products that meet environmental demands while maintaining high yields, crop quality, and a positive bottom line.

3Tier with Carboxx creates and maintains a thriving eco-balance that promotes healthy, sustained growth. Quality yields depend on a complex interaction of soil, organic matter, nutrients, and beneficial microbes. 3Tier products enrich this bio-environment without the use of chemicals, combining safe, easy-handling with immediate and visible results. Root growth, natural disease management, nutrient uptake – all is dramatically improved.

Modern agriculture has undergone transformations that can affect productivity. Chemical run-off, ground water contamination, buildup of valuable nutrients unavailable to the plant, environmental damage from fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides – all have led to regulations restricting the options farmers now have in bringing their crops to market profitably.
3Tier products enable farmers to maintain the eco-balance of their acreage, repair chemical damage to soil, and increase productivity in a sustainable, cost-effective way. We have created new opportunities for our crop managers to succeed with the following solutions.

Effective Starter Package Solutions – Whether you call it a starter, pop-up or pre-plant fertilizer, 3 Tier has a cost effective, multiple benefit alternative. We start with the same critical NPK elements needed for increased and rapid germination of the plant, then we add a unique combination of our activated humic acid, a special soil regeneration consisting of thousands of identifiable enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids and other proteins with the option to add the industry’s largest beneficial microbial package. If your soils
have high levels of salt, high clay content with compaction, or low soil pH, 3 Tier also offers a highly available calcium addition to the program. This convenient liquid program can be tank mixed and applied together for a single broadcast to the entire field just prior to planting, band sprayed, in-furrow or side dressed during seeding.

Foliar Programs – 3Tier Foliar Programs create a unique synergy between all plant systems by providing critical and timely NPK the plant requires for maximum yield generation. With formulas scientifically designed and delivered by our Activated Humic Acid to maximize each specific plant growth stage, 3 Tier offers the grower the ability to improve the plant’s performance and reduce stress levels every time he makes a pass through his field.

Soil Regeneration Programs – 3Tier’s Activated Humic Acid with our proprietary amino acid complex, conditions the soil for higher nutrient performance and availability. Our bioactive materials increase water absorption and retention, holding vital nutrients in soil solution and preventing loss from leaching or runoff. By adding our industry leading microbial package, you can increase natural biological activity, detoxify soil from salt and pesticide residues, accelerate root development, protect plants and soils against pathogenic diseases naturally, and assist in the conversion and transport of valuable nutrients from the soil into the plant.

Sodium and Bicarbonate Solutions - SA-1000 is the next generation in Humic, Fulvic Acid, and Organic Bio-Polymer Technology. SA-1000 is an all new, scientifically engineered blend of Ionic and Non – Ionic Humic/Fulvic/Organic Bio-Polymers fortified with Urea Nitrogen, specifically designed for the correction of High Sodium, Bicarbonates and Metals
in both irrigation water and soil. Add SA-1000 to any protocol to combat the negative effects of sodium and/or bicarbonate issues.



pdf General Agriculture Application Guidelines

General Agriculture Application Guidelines

Download 3 Tier's general application guidelines. For specific crop programs are available. Contact 3 Tier for more crop specific application programs.

pdf Nursery Program

Nursery Program

2 Tiers Nursery Programs are designed to improve the establishment and rooting of new plants, maintain growth and hardiness of developing plants, and provide increased shelf life for transport or display while providing better establishment after planting. The programs will address the appropriate uses and applications of various 3 Tier products and the benefits each will provide.

pdf Corn Application Guide

Corn Application Guide

Corn application information and options:

  • Pre-plant (Broadcast/In-Furrow) to be applied immediate before, during, or at early emergence.
  • Building soil health and possibe increased stubble decomposition.
  • Correction of high sodium and bi-carbonates in your soil.

pdf Pasture Applications

Pasture Applications

3 Tier’s Pasture Applications with advanced nutrient technologies are designed to deliver essential soil and plant nutrients in a cost-effective program that is safe for ranch pastures. 3 Tier nutrient products are scientifically engineered, concentrated liquid formulas which contain natural growth nutrients and soil amendments designed to restore balanced soil conditions while providing the essential building blocks for optimum plant development.

pdf Potato Protocol

Potato Protocol

Through years of practical field trials and University research, 3 Tier Technologies has refined the Potato Production Protocol to deliver consistent yield results. The proven starter and foliar applications not only provides the critical nutrients required for rapid germination and plant establishment, it also includes a complete beneficial microbial package for improved disease management and soil regeneration, and a new soil restoration product for improved nutrient conversion, key for increased yield production. All 3 Tier products are driven by our unique humic acid technology.

The following potato program has been developed through years of real world field production and performance validation to provide additional plant protection through the growth process and increased nutrient efficiency delivering consistent increases in yields through all weather conditions.


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