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pdf Bio-Regen: Triple Action Technology

3 Tier Technologies hybrid products were created to be self-supporting while overcoming the various performance challenges that most of these environments present. High performance products must be complete with the ability to work in various temperature ranges, pH ranges, soil types, contamination levels, high salt environments, and various organic materials.

To learn more the technology behind 3TierTech's Environment Solutions – Download 'Bio-Regen: Triple Action Technology'

pdf Energy Industry Hygiene Programs

Energy Industry Hygiene Programs

Energy Industry Hygiene Programs

3 Tier’s team of scientists and technical support personnel understand the many challenges that face today’s energy industry and are prepared to assist our customers directly or work with your environmental teams or contractors to develop the best, cost effective solution you need. One thing that has been proven through our years of experience, ongoing management and cleaning will result in remediation costs plummeting along with better operational safety. 3 Tier is ready to assist in any way possible, from the simple weekly hygiene programs to the large unexpected inadvertent spills or releases.

pdf Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Biopolymer (PEB) Technical FAQ

What is 3 Tier’s Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Biopolymer (PEB)?
The foundation of all 3 Tier Environmental Products is an advanced Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Biopolymer (PEB) that is derived from very stable, organic compounds found in brown and oxidized black coal. Our proprietary processing technology purifies and unleashes the vast potential of this massive molecule.

pdf Scientific Base for Metal Management

Scientific Base for Metal Management

Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Biopolymer (PEB) is an organic substance in terms of its natural origin, and an organic-mineral product in terms of its chemical composition. It is derived from weathered organic matter. PEB is a 3-dimentional molecule and their associates which can be described in terms of biopolymers and polyelectrolytes.


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