A New Approach to Client Services

3 Tier offers a new direction in natural solutions.  We now offer clients targeted project services without the long-term, expensive contracts.   3 Tier’s expert remediation or wastewater team will review, develop and implement targeted natural solutions for all your water or soil challenges for “FREE”.

Our new approach offers both short and long-term value to our customers by offering the following benefits:

  • No service contracts – We guide your staff through the analysis process and provide a detailed correction program with measurable expectations.  All support is provided without a contract.
  • Use us only when you need us – Since you don’t have a contract, call our team when you have a challenge that needs correction and we will work with you to provide a cost effective solution.
  • Train and guide client staff – Our goal is to ensure that your staff is equipped to respond to future challenges.  Use our team as an extension of your staff without needing us around all the time.
  • Establish proper testing practices – Proper water and soil testing provides critical tracking data that can be used for treatment programs.  Accurate testing also establishes measurable performance that validates dollars being spent.
  • Complete solutions are developed – Our expert team will review all the known challenges while exploring all possible root causes, develop a strategy for the correction including not only product costs but also implementation plans that provide established expectations with goals to be achieved.
  • Diverse team – 3 Tier brings a unique team of industry experts from a variety of soil and wastewater disciplines all supported by a team of scientists and other personnel specialized in water issues and remediation.  We use all our resources to ensure you get the latest techniques and solutions available.
  • Low cost implementation – All solutions provide the products and implementation required to correct the challenge.  You only pay for the products and actual expenses of the experts required to visit the site to install or train the staff in proper use of the products.  Again no contract, just solutions.   Only pay for the actual work being done.
  • Upfront cost – All solutions provide all costs and expectations with a variety of options that detail possible costs allowing you the opportunity to choose the solution that best fits your needs.

3 Tier and its trained experts work closely with our customers to ensure you are successful from the start.  We understand that every project has its own set of unique challenges that must be considered.  We do not ship product and hope that you figure out the way to use it.  Our team will guide you through every step of the process and will be available to work with your staff to achieve optimal results. 

Contact 3 Tier directly to discuss the value our approach can bring to your organization today.

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